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At Red Tape Busters we specialise in being your one stop shop in dealing with Government and in busting through Government and bureaucratic red tape.
Unfortunately red tape is consuming our lives. At Red Tape Busters we work for our clients in breaking through the red tape maze and get amazing results. Our Consultants work for clients right over Australia and have an unparalleled history of success. We have engaged on contract a number of consultants who are specialists in our fields of service and therefore we can offer clients quality services across a number of service portfolios.

Red Tape Busters represent the interests of the wider community by offering individuals, private and non-profit organizations help and advice in their battles with Governments at all levels, banks, insurers, telecommunication companies etc and in working through the ever increasing maze of red tape.
Name Red Tape Busters
Gender Male
Age 28
Location Brisbane, QLD
Interests government work, public help
Quotes Making Government Work For You!

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